NFPA70e Electrical Safety Training 2018 (Download Certificate)

NFPA70e Electrical Safety Training 2018 (Download Certificate)




NFPA Certificate

NFPA70e is important regulations that provide electrical safety on the job and in the workplace. Employee safety is paramount, and compliance with nfpa and nfpa70e is required by OSHA and the US department of labor. This online nfpa70e electrical safety training course is designed to be completed in one day with easy to learn and follow training. download your nfpa70e electrical safety certificate upon completion. This course does not include the NFPA70e plastic wallet certification card. see our other course that offers the wallet card.

NIOSH, the National Institute of Safety and Health statistics tell us that 3-4 people die each day from an electrical injury or accident. This number can be greatly reduced by electrical safety training like online electrical safety training. this training is designed to meet or exceed the OSHA and NFPA electrical safety training requirements. Every employee who works on or near electrically energized equipment is required to have this type of electrical safety training. And this training must be updated within not more than every three years. Join the thousands of other workers (see some of our customers) who take this training yearly to keep up-to-date with these laws and regulations

This training includes the following topics:

  • Who is a qualified worker?
  • Understanding the regulations
  • Understanding basic electrical principles
  • Recognizing and avoiding the electrical hazards
  • Understanding and avoiding Electrical Arc Flash hazards
  • OHSA and NFPA guidelines
  • Understanding important Approach Distances
  • PPE (Personal Protection Equipment) requirements
  • Voltage rated glove use and requirements
  • And more…

This easy to follow, interactive online electrical safety training is designed to be fast, practical and effective in teaching both new and veteran electrical workers how to be safe and efficient on the job. It is a must for every electrical worker. Complete with photos, videos, interactive exercises, quizzes and a final test, this exciting online electrical safety training course makes the task of learning fun and easy!

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